Bryce Canyon National Park

If you ever have an opportunity to see Bryce Canyon in the snow, take it! Do whatever you can to get there with snow on the ground. The contrast of the white snow and the orange, red, pink, and yellow rock formations form a surreal scene of incredible beauty. This page shows some pictures I shot during a brief trip to the park in April. Be warned, though. It can get VERY cold there. We showed up with camping gear when the overnight low was hovering around -2F. After one extremely unpleasant night in the campground we checked into a hotel. The views and pictures, however, made the trip more than worthwhile.


This is a shot of a portion of the main Bryce Amphitheatre from the rim. Like The Grand Canyon, the roads, campgrounds, and stores here are all on top of a plateau offering views out over the scenery below. I love the way the snow sits on every nook and cranny of the rock formations in this picture. After taking this shot, we took a hike down amongst the formations. 
This is my wife Karen down amongst the rock formations, called hoodoos. These particular hoodoos have acouple very cool natural bridges connecting them. A hike amongst the formations in Bryce is not to be missed. The never ending variety of formations and colors create a fantastic playground just begging to be explored. We had a terrific time listening to the snow melt. The rocks creak, crack, and groan as the snow melts, almost as if they're speaking to you.
Here's another shot of Karen amongst the hoodoos. The imagination runs absolutely wild assigning shapes and images to the formations. To me, this formation is 2 pigs and a caterpillar having a cocktail party.
This formation is called Queen Victoria, for obvious reasons. Doesn't she look just absolutely regal, perched on top of her 200 foot high throne?
I like this shot combining the green trees, orange and mauve hoodoos, and white snow. It was fairly late in the day by the time I took this shot and the snow was starting to melt. Thanks to the very fine dirt in the Canyon, the trail had become an orange swamp. We were cleaning orange mud off our shoes and pants for weeks after this trip.
Here's a shot of the main amphitheatre at sunset. This picture really picks up the various colors of the formations. I get the image of a creamsicle carved in rock in my head whenever I look at this picture
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